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Ready to build something special? Start your MONAT business now.

Explore the Perks:

  • Eligible for Independent Market Partner promotions and incentives
  • Your own replicated website/e-commerce store for easy ordering
  • 30% commission on retail sales, 15% commission on VIP Customer sales
  • Access to our physical and web-based materials to inform you, your team and your Customers
  • No inventory requirements; MONAT ships directly
  • Freedom to explore sales territories locally and nationally
  • Prizes and fabulous incentive trips in recognition of reaching your goals
  • Access to Product Packs within your first 30 days of enrolling

You can build something special with MONAT! Start your MONAT business now. Just from £99.00 including VAT (with an annual £18.00 renewal fee) will open the next chapter in your life. When you join with starter pack for £99 you’ll receive the MONAT Starter pack, which includes training and marketing materials, and plenty of product samples to share with friends. Learn more below.

Learn Success

  • SMART Start Workbook includes detailed information about individual MONAT products and systems.
  • SMART Start roadmap to help you get off to a great start.
  • Immediate access to MONAT’s on-line Market Partner Academy, with interactive training modules that outline proven techniques and tactics that lead to growth.

Product Samples

  • Each Overachiever Product Pack, Business Product Pack, Success Product Pack and stand-alone Starter Kit includes 35 samples. These are ideal for sharing with others.

After 7 days you can upgrade to bigger Product pack


You can join today with Starter Product Pack for £199

You’ll also receive your own personal website that helps you market MONAT 24/7. And of course – as a Market Partner – you will enjoy a discount of 30% off the retail prices of our amazing products!

Join the MONAT movement and be part of the MONAT family!

Join your self

UK, North Ireland; USA; Canada only

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Text me if you are from other country.

Starter product pack

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