Platinum System

The Color Enchance line is suitable for all hair types, dyed and unpainted hair. Liven up the natural hair color and provides extra shine. This naturally-based color line is made up of botanical extracts and photopigments, leaving no stains. Suitable for everyday use. Hair line is not designed to replace your hair color. Rejuvabeads Cream is designed for the hair tips.

Leave hair richer, more radiant…and anything but dull with the Colour Enhance Beautiful Brunette Duo. Plus REJUVABEADSTM which selectively target and temporarily mend split ends* and other damaged or stressed areas along the hair shaft, for stronger, healthier and more resilient hair.

*Independent testing has demonstrated that REJUVABEADSTM resulted in a 100% mending of split ends 3mm long and under within one-minute following application and lasts for about two to three washes.


  • Platinum Shampoo
  • Platinum Conditioner
  • Rejuvabeads Cream

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